Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

California Institute of Technology

The members of the Organizing Committee are:

  • Rebecca Wernis- Undergraduate Student
  • Christina Lee- Undergraduate Student
  • Noelle Stiles- Graduate Student
  • Hillary L. Smith- Graduate Student
  • Clara O'Farrell- Graduate Student
  • Charlotte Yang- Graduate Student
  • Spyridon Michalakis- Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Jo-Hsin Chen- Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins- Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Nai-Chang Yeh- Professor
  • Fiona Harrison-Professor
  • Ann Harvey- Staff
  • Marcia Brown- Staff
  • Armand R Tanguay, Jr.- USC Professor
  • Felcia Hunt- Caltech Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Portia Harris- Caltech Asst Director of the Women's Center

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Christina Lee